Survivors - Politics and Semantics of a Concept

Prof. Dr. Christina von Braun
Selma Stern Zentrum

The survivor has become a prominent figure and a key concept in history, literary studies and political thought. But who is a survivor? And, more precisely, who is a survivor of the Shoah? The international workshop “Survivors – Politics and Semantics of a Concept” will deal with various approaches and definitions of the term survivor. A complex conceptional history will be discussed, spanning from the immediate postwar period to the present. Topics to be raised include different theoretical frameworks by philosophers, writers and historians as well as the ongoing discussions of restitution and moral responsibility. Scholars from seven countries will share their work during two days of intense discussion.

Alina Bothe

Markus Nesselrodt

If you would like to attend the keynote lecture by Atina Grossmann and/or particpate in the workshop, please send an email to Alina Bothe: by 12 November 2014. Please note that the number of seats for the workshop is limited.