Holocaust Memory in the Context of Caribbean and African Diaspora Literature and Art

Prof. Dr. Sarah Phillips Casteel
Carleton University

Bridging the divide between Jewish and postcolonial studies, this talk will consider how Holocaust memory has been reanimated by contemporary Caribbean and African diaspora writers and artists. Black Holocaust literature and art illuminate the global circulation of Holocaust memory and challenge an understanding of the Holocaust as a European event disconnected from colonial histories.


Biographical note:

Sarah Phillips Casteel is Associate Professor of English at Carleton University, where she is  cross-appointed to the Institute of African Studies and the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture, and where she co-founded the Centre for Transnational Cultural Analysis. The recipient of a Polanyi Prize from the Government of Ontario and a Horst Frenz Prize from the American Comparative Literature Association, she is the author of Second Arrivals: Landscape and Belonging in Contemporary Writing of the Americas (U of Virginia P, 2007) and the co-editor with Winfried Siemerling of Canada and Its Americas: Transnational Navigations (McGill-Queen’s UP, 2010). Her most recent book, Calypso Jews: Jewishness in the Caribbean Literary Imagination (Columbia UP, 2016) has won a Canadian Jewish Literary Award.